Women and Feminism

A section for the study of women and feminism

"Question: What do women want?
Simon says: The short answer is everything. Women are never satisfied. There is a theoretical basis for this view,
including consideration of what is probably the dominant female sex-effect, the Satiation/Insatiation Effect. This is little
documented, but summarised by ‘the more sex a woman gets, the more she wants.’ The sexually-sated male is generally content
but the female’s status, and therefore her power, is further elevated by every additional admirer she has: there is absolutely no
limit to this. The female’s insatiatiable appetite provides the impetus for her demands, but this appetite is based on false perception
and is merely an evolutionary mechanism to allow her to rapidly exploit advantage, especially since her reproductive period – the period in
which she is able to pass on her genes – is considerably shorter than it is for the male."

Simon Sheppard,
from Frequently Asked Questions at heretical.com

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