Random Thought Pieces

This is a section for essays and opinion pieces written by myself. Those who dislike rhetorical pungency or are easily offended should probably steer clear. My views are quite strident, though as I see it, I am merely (as Samuel Johnson would observe) penning reminders: doing nothing more than spouting obvious truths. There is nothing more dangerous or offensive than truth-telling.

Note: The following material is my original work, in respect of which I assert all moral rights. Please contact me by e-mail (tom@rogerscraft.com) should you wish to reproduce this material.

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016: Ontology of Freedom
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009: Diane Abbott: the Bully
008: Thomas Mair & The Coming Peasants' Revolt
007: National Socialism or Neo-Nazism?
006: Rights vs. Liberties
005: Love/Hate For Trump
004: Jo Cox and Just Deserts
003: The Political Science of 'We the People'
002: The Importance of Being Credulous
001: Action versus Inaction