Research Projects

This is a section for my ongoing research projects.

Note: The following material is my original work, in respect of which I assert all moral rights. Please contact me by e-mail ( should you wish to reproduce this material.

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A Eurocentric Critique of the Socialist Party
A History of German Foreign Policy: from Bismarck to Hitler
A History of Gun Control in Britain
A History of the German-Speaking Peoples
A History of the Soviet Union
A Legal History of Murder
American Heptarchy: the cultural origins of the American Civil War
A Modern Lysistrata, or The Decline of Women
An Alternative History of the American Revolutionary War
Anti-Exodus Literature in the Ancient World
Aristotle In Mathematical Terms
A Systematic Study of Ideologies
Between Worlds: Roman and Jewish civilisation
Beyond The Graphosphere: The Videospheric Novel and the Future of Literature
Black Nationalist Ideology
Blairland: ideology and praxis under Major-Blair-Brown-Cameron
Blood & Soil: National Socialism in Theory and Practice
Capitalism and the Feminist Ascetic
Capitalism and the New Occult
Capital: Unbound, Or Private Neo-imperialism and Kautsky's 'Ultraimperialismus'
Collusion in Conflict: a new social history of the Troubles
Crypto-Militancy and the Suffragettes
Disaster and Atrocity Propaganda: a study of the 'affirmative paradox'
Dreamland: the context of celebrity
Emancipation versus Liberation: The Myth of Martin Luther King, Jr.
German Maritime Ascendency: from the Prussian Navy to The 'Z' Plan
"He Groomed The Nation": abuse hysteria in Britain
Hitler and the Munich Crisis
Junkers: a history of the German aristocracy
Legitimation of Violence
Literary Nationalism: a comparison of the politics of George Orwell and Jack London
Lords of Disorder: political leadership in the Third Reich
Margaret Thatcher, Iron, Steel & Coal: a study in modern political economy
Marshall Pétain: European Hero
Minos: the first thalassocracy
Papal Governance & Cultural Decline: from Rome to Florence
Pagans: religions of the Anglo-Saxons
Police and Enemy Infiltration of Racial and Ethno-Nationalist Groups in the United Kingdom
Political Assassination Theories
Problems of Social Order: Beyond Capitalism
Rape and Interpretation
Rasputin: Russian Mystic
Robert Monckton: a biography
Rotherham: Sex and Civilisation
Sax Rohmer: a biography
Sex and Existentialism: living in a multi-racial society
Social-democratic Anarchism: revolutionary politics and the Socialist Party of Great Britain
The Early Pagan Renaissance
The English Puritan Revolution
The 'English' Ulster Scots
The Feminist Dice: gender normalisation & sanctification under techno-capitalism
The Holocaust Hypothesis
The House Church Movement
The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton
The Liberal Mind
The Missing Idiom: the reader as the fourth wall of history
The Myth of Sophie Scholl
The New Age Hyperface: the writings and politics of David Icke
The Plain People: a study of the Amish
The Lost History of English Socialism
The Racial Divide in India
The Real Nelson Mandela
The Twin Revolution: social liberalism, Thatcherism and the Labour Party
The Supreme Gentleman: the tragedy of Elliot Rodger
The 2008 Financial Crisis
The Yorkshire Rebellion and the Peterloo Massacre: England's Forgotten Revolutionaries
War Is Naughty: a critical study of neoconservatism
Tyler's Republic: English Revolutionaries in the Middle Ages
Yorkshire and the American Revolutionary War