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Jesus Man

The Story of Geoffrey Brindley

The Story of Geoffrey Brindley

"Although not many people actually new him personally or anything about his early life he became a well loved character seen walking the streets of Bradford and district for over 50 years.

Just for his smile and wave as he walked by.

People have seen him walking up and down the Bradford streets in all weathers for what seems like an Eternity.

"He never changes from year to year." He soon became an urban legend.

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The Medieval Tube Map

The Medieval Tube Map

The Medieval Tube Map

"If you ever find yourself hanging around in the 11th century, be sure to carry a copy of the Medieval Tube Map. The chart shows the many small hamlets, manors and landmarks that you might have visited in and around London during the Middle Ages. It was an era utterly untroubled by signal failures; a time when you might be imprisoned for swiping an Oyster. If your means of locomotion ever broke down, you'd need only to feed it some more hay, and off you'd go again. Many of the names will be familiar. The Black Freres were settling in nicely in the south-west corner of the City. The small hamlets of Stokewelle, Clopeham, Totinges and Mordune clustered around the old stone road to the south. The adventurous traveller might also sojourn to the extreme north, and visit the villages of Barneto, Myllehill or Cokfosters. But then, too, there are many names that might be unfamiliar. Who now ventures to Tokyngton?" Read More

A map of the world according to the countries Britain has never invaded

The Countries Britain Has Never Invaded

"Every idiotic schoolboy you know is likely a member of a Facebook group titled 'I always wear sunglasses because the sun never sets on the British empire'. According to an analysis by historian Stuart Laycock, that statement was once eerily accurate. All the Countries We've Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To found that there are only 22 countries Britain never invaded, as shown in this Statista map." Read More

8 Pictures Revealing the Little-Known World of Black Jews

Black Jews

"It's the year 2014, but some people still refuse to believe that multiple ethnic identities can coexist seamlessly for each individual and each family. That's the frustration expressed by Sarah Gladstone in an essay for Ravishly, where she rails against a strange public fascination with how her black and Jewish identities could even possibly coexist." Read More

Burma captures rare white elephant

White Elephants

"White elephants have been revered for centuries in Burma and
other Asian nations and are believed to bring good luck." Read More

World's oldest twins reveal secrets of living to 102

Twins Aged 102

"A glass of wine a day is the secret to a long life, according to the world’s oldest living twins. Pieter and Paulus Langerock were born before the outbreak of the First World War. The Belgian brothers celebrated their 102nd birthday last month – with a glass of wine each, naturally." Read More