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"IQ Questions" On LBC

My comments on the video above:

The second question is inherently semantic and could be answered either way. "Take two apples from three apples, what do you have?" The answer could be two apples or one, since we don't know what 'you' has. If we did know, that would clarify the scenario and it would then be a matter of simple arithmetic. Two apples if I'm taking them away, one apple if I'm having apples taken from me. As it is, it's essentially a trick question, not a test of intelligence.

The answer to the last question is based on an incomplete premise, for two reasons - first, you can have a 24-hour wind-up clock; second, it's not explained when the subject in the scenario goes to sleep, only that he "goes to bed" at 8 o'clock in the evening. Thus the answer given by the interviewer is only correct if the clock can be wound-up for no more than an hour and only if the subject falls asleep straight-away. Since we don't have these factors covered in the question, it's impossible to give an accurate answer. Again, it's a fallacious question that does not test intelligence.

However, the first question is valid, though ironically the interviewer gets the basis of the answer wrong. It's a white bear because the house is facing south on all sides and so must be at the North Pole. I'm not sure whether polar bears strictly inhabit the North Pole itself, but in any event, the South Pole has nothing to do with it.