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La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha is a ballad that became popular in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. Hit play and you will immediately recognise the tune - it's quintessentially Hispanic, and now you know its origin!

Das Lied der Deutschen - Heino (mit Orchester) ['The Song of the Germans']

This is the full version of Das Lied Der Deutschen [The Song of the Germans], which is the official national anthem of Germany - performed here by a German popular and folk singer called Heino. Interestingly, he sings all three stanzas, including the immortal opening line: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, despite the fact that the first two stanzas, including that line, are officially banned from public performance in Germany.1

Germany must be the only country in the world to officially ban most of its own national anthem. This is doubly ironic given that the phrase 'Deutschland über alles' does not, as is commonly believed, refer to German supremacy over other nations, but to German unification. The modern German nation was only formed in the late 19th. century, and the line Deutschland über alles refers to the belief that a new united Germany should come into being out of the individual German mini-states that existed at the time, which were remnants of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Red Flag

The Red Flag is a left-wing song, supposedly about socialism, written by Irishman, Jim Connell.2 "

Wikipedia states:

""The Red Flag" has been the British Labour Party's official anthem from its founding; its annual party conference closes with the song. "The Red Flag" was first sung in the House of Commons on 1 August 1945, when Parliament convened after Clement Attlee's Labour defeat of Winston Churchill’s Conservatives. It was sung by Labour MPs on 27 May 1976, allegedly prompting Michael Heseltine to swing the mace above his head. It was also sung on the evening of 28 March 1979 when a motion of no confidence brought down the Labour Government.[10] It was sung again in Parliament in February 2006 to mark the centenary of the Labour Party’s founding. During the Tony Blair years it was claimed the leadership sought to downplay its role, however, it is often sung at the end of party conferences alongside Jerusalem. Following the 2015 election of veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition, The Red Flag was sung as he and his supporters celebrated in The Sanctuary, a public house in London.3"


Inspired by a William Blake poem, Jerusalem is considered a patriotic song in England - especially by left-wing/socialist people, who find appeal in its utopian message. But Jerusalem does not exclusively belong to the Left as the song is widely popular, and even regarded as England's (unofficial) national anthem.

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