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Recommended Security Measures


The best choices for disposable, anonymous e-mail are Iceland-based and the Russian service, Yandex.Com.

There is also, though I understand this is hosted in Israel.


Use Tor Browser to hide your web use and mask your IP Address.

It is free to download, is quick and easy to start-up and hides your internet history. It also provides access to .onion sites on the deep web.

Note: Tor is more reliable than the free VPN/IP masking services commonly-available, which normally log your original IP address. These leave a " cyber fingerprint", whereas Tor can guarantee 99.9999999% anonymity from watching eyes, potential hackers and your internet service provider.

PC optmisation/hard drive cleaners

CCleaner is an vital free software for people who want security.

Anti-Virus software

It's best not to use cracked (in effect, stolen) virus guards. There are plenty of free, good quality anti-virus programmes as it is.

Download German-made Avira anti-Virus software.

Note: Anti-virus software is itself potentially dangerous in that it requires wide-ranging access to your computer hard-drive, system files and registry keys, a privilege that can be abused.

Encryption software

Download a free encryption program like VeraCrypt. Use it to encrypt sensitive files on your computer. Passwords are no longer enough, only encyrption will protect your most important documents.

Download and install Keyscrambler for free. This counteracts keyloggers, who basically record every keyboard key you use to type, and use this information to reconstruct everything you do on your PC, including your passwords and other critical data. Using a KeyScrambling program will not change how you experience your computer, but encyrpts (hides) the information sent from the keyboard to the browser and screen. This means a keylogger will not be able to record it.


Anti-virus Software

Avira anti-Virus software



Encryption Software

Keyscrambler for free

Free E-mail Accounts


Hack This Site!

PC optmisation/hard drive cleaners