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The boon of the Web is the democratisation of news: the fakery, malevolence and buffoonery of the mass media are now exposed.

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This is the reality of mass democracy (albeit exaggerated).
From the Hollywood film, Idiocracy.

No copyright is asserted.

"Finns" - spoof of Saturday Night Live

Sam Hyde's 2070 Paradigm Shift

I think this is a spoof of those vapid TED talks that are online.

Post-thatcherite, post-apocalypse social satire.

"The Geoff Anderson Tapes - Part 1"

"The Geoff Anderson Tapes - Part 2"

Victor Lewis-Smith - "Teeth"

I can feel it down in my plums...

"The Geoff Anderson Tapes - Part 3"

Victor Lewis-Smith - "Brian Sewell"

I like the way Sewell handles this.

Liddle's Got Issues - Why We Must Have A Second Referendum Now!

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