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A History of Chess Openings - GM Yasser Seirawan - 2014.10.01


The below video is interesting - an alternative form of chess called Lief. The main difference from classic chess is that in Lief, players can decide how they want to deploy their pieces from the start. This does perhaps lose some of the challenge involved in working out strategic openings based on the standard classic chess deployment, but it also creates new and deeper challenges in that a much greater number of set-ups becomes possible. It's also possible to play Lief in 'night mode', whereby players do not reveal their open positions until all deployments are completed.

Most of the pieces move the same way as in classic chess, the main difference being that the Queen is a 'second King' and players can also nominate an alternative piece to act as their Queen.

Speed Chess

Speed Chess is not something I am good at, but it's entertaining to watch.

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