A Systematic Study of Ideologies

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A Systematic Study of Ideologies

by Tom Rogers

Anarchism as a Convergence Point (Singularity)

Like George Walford (the Britsh ex-socialist-turned-idiosyncratic thinker) I believe ideologies should be studied and understood systematically. However, whereas Walford conceived of a hierarchy, I hold that there is a singularity at which all ideologies converge. I believe that the convergence point is pure anarchism. In a sense, anarchism is the ultimate form of nationalism because it represents a condition in which members of an ethnic community voluntarily live together.

Are human societies heading towards a sociological singularity based on the abolition of hierarchy and some sort of anti-authoritarian substitution? I believe so, and I believe the correct global model for this, if nationalism is to survive, is Nozick’s Utopia of Utopias.

© July 2017 Tom Rogers